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TCG Sustain

What Is TCG Sustain?


Managing Director Sam Coggin developed the brand we know today as TCG Sustain in mid-2017. We have now fully committed our upcycled office furniture to the concept of a more circular economy and launched TCG Sustain to support the awareness and adoption of supporting a more circular economy across the commercial furniture industry. All of our upcycled office furniture sits proudly under our TCG Sustain brand.

Our key focus is to prevent as much commercial grade office furniture from going to landfill as possible. We work with clearance companies all over the UK as well as providing our own ethical disposal services in the effort to provide a more ethical and affordable approach to large office clearances.

TCG Sustain is our stamp of approval and commitment to providing quality upcycled commercial office furniture. Be sure to look out for our TCG Sustain products you may just be sat on one of our reupholstered chairs or working at one of our upcycled workstations!

All office furniture which sits under the TCG Sustain brand is upcycled. This enables us to provide affordable office furniture for owner-managed and large multi-national organisations across the North West. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, exceptional skills and the processes we implement within the business to ensure all our upcycled products are finished to a high standard.

  • We have a number of internal processes in place to ensure the refurbishment and upcycling of office furniture is systematic and delivered to a high standard of finish.
  • Office furniture enters our upcycling facility, this could be off the back of an office clearance or collecting directly from a customer.
  • Products will be inspected and any faults identified.
  • The furniture is either cleaned up, refurbished and fully upcycled.
  • The furniture is then reassembled and tested to ensure the product functions correctly.
  • All products are then either returned to the customer or offered for sale.
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